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VOLVO EMEA Team and VOLVO Egypt Team at Ezz Elarab Automotive Group Celebrate the Significant VOLVO Sales Record
VOLVO EMEA Team and VOLVO Egypt Team at Ezz Elarab Automotive Group Celebrate the Significant VOLVO Sales Record
  • القاهرة - خاص
  • 22/09/2021
  • 232

. The VOLVO EMEA team, along with Volvo Egypt team at Ezz Elarab Automotive Group, celebrated a considerable leap in sales this year. During the first eight months of 2021, the Egyptian sales and marketing team established a remarkable success in Volvo sales, surpassing sales achieved for the entire year of 2020. This success, which exceeded expectations, is considered a phenomenal turnaround due to the continued challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic that have affected most industries around the world. The celebration was held in the all new concept of a café and a showroom; VOLVO Gallery - Egypt, with the participation of the entire Volvo sales and marketing teams in Egypt and in the presence of Eng. Hesham Ezz Elarab – Owner and Chairman of Ezz Elarab Automotive Group, the exclusive dealer for the Swedish brand in Egypt, Eng. Muhammad Aboul-Nour - Brand General Manager in Egypt, and Ms. Rana Abbady - Vice President of Ezz Elarab Automotive Group. From Sweden, Mr. Jesus Fernandez Des Mesa - Managing Director, Importers EMEA at Volvo Cars Group, and Ms. Melissa Selescovic - Head of Consumer Experience at Volvo cars Importers EMEA, also joined and participated in the celebration virtually. It is worth mentioning that this great achievement in sales comes in conjunction with the appointment of a new management team for Volvo Egypt that took over the leadership responsibility end of last year. In acknowledgement of the Ezz Elarab team’s efforts, Mr. Fernandez Des Mesa added a gesture of gratefulness, saying: "Thank you very much for your faith in our precious brand; VOLVO. Thank you for your great trust in us, the commitment to your jobs and going the extra mile! Your tenacious “CAN DO and WILL DO” attitude is contagious; it shines through in your work, and it really embodies our VOLVO values.” Eng. Hesham Ezz Elarab also demonstrated his appreciation by adding: “We are proud of the big accomplishment that the team here in Egypt has managed to pull off. Yet, we still have a lot to offer our customers as we constantly strive to provide an improved service and maintain our leading position in the automotive market in Egypt.” To further accentuate the future vision of VOLVO in Egypt, Eng. Muhammad Aboul-Nour, Brand General Manager in Egypt, commented: “We aim to further expand into the market in order to reach the largest community of VOLVO lovers in Egypt. As of late, VOLVO has managed to gain additional trust from the Egyptian consumer, due to its efficiency, reliability, luxury and its array of features, which all echo the highest safety standards and comply with modern fuel consumption.” It is also worth highlighting the recent inauguration of Ezz Elarab Group’s latest showroom carrying the name of the premium Swedish brand and concept with an implicit coffee shop; the very first ever Volvo Gallery in Egypt and North Africa, and with only eight other similar Volvo’s concept around the world, ‘Volvo Gallery’ is the 9th to open in Sheikh Zayed District. In addition to the opening of yet another showroom in Agouza, right in the heart of Cairo to showcase the latest designs and technology VOLVO has to offer. One of the most unique things about the Agouza showroom is its special exterior architectural features that carry the heritage and match the style of the classic surrounding buildings.