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The spare parts specialist MEYLE has been demonstrating its manufacturing and engineering expertise for 20 years
The spare parts specialist MEYLE has been demonstrating its manufacturing and engineering expertise for 20 years
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  • 22/06/2022
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the spare parts specialist introduced the first technically enhanced MEYLE HD part. To mark its 20th anniversary, the Hamburg-based experts have set course for the future of their HD product line: electric and hybrid vehicle innovations will be coming to Automechanika in September. As the first company in the IAM, MEYLE is producing a carbon-neutral steering and suspension product line. An anniversary campaign for the brand’s flagship makes the promise, the principle and the engineering behind MEYLE HD visible: MEYLE launched the HD product line in 2002 to enhance technically poorly conceived original spare parts and let its own engineers make them more reliable, more durable and more sustainable. MEYLE was the first manufacturer in the market to provide a four-year guarantee ( and still does to this day – revolutionary in the IAM. Since then, customers and workshops have reaped the rewards of an ever-growing HD portfolio. The technically enhanced spare parts last longer and save the workshops time and the end customers money. At the moment, MEYLE has more than 1,650 spare parts available in HD quality in the range and new ones are added on a yearly basis. MEYLE is setting an important course for the future in its anniversary year with the strategic expansion of its HD solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles and the announcement of the first climate-neutral product line in the IAM for the area of steering and suspension. As one of the first manufacturers in the IAM, MEYLE is drawing attention to upcoming customers and market requirements in the area of sustainability, and this emphasises the connection between technology and sustainability for MEYLE as a company.

Making things better by principle: the MEYLE HD principles


We love technology and can pinpoint even the smallest imperfections,’ Stefan Bachmann, head of Steering & Suspension, explains approach behind HD. The thing about the job that especially fascinates him is the passion for technology and perfection, as Bachmann puts it: ‘Taking things apart, analysing them, technically refining them, testing them and then putting them into production. This is our multistage MEYLE HD principle, which leads to a new MEYLE HD part. We can’t help but take a very close look. On principle.’ For the engineers, a special highlight of the complex optimisation process is when the first prototype is developed after having identified a weakness, looking into the causes and performing development work and countless tests. The series production that the Hamburg-based manufacturer mainly executes with in-house production facilities and the actual launch are by no means the end. There is always the next challenge on the horizon that drives and inspires the engineers. More interesting insights, interviews and films on the MEYLE HD principle and the anniversary campaign can be followed throughout the anniversary year on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other channels using the hashtag #HD20YRS

Pioneering spirit is in MEYLE’s DNA ‘We are making MEYLE HD very visible in the market with our innovations and the campaign. For us, the well-established product line represents what has always distinguished our company: pioneering spirit, innovative thinking and the ambition to always develop the best product for our customers and workshops. Searching for the best is just as much a part of our DNA as the concept of sustainability,’ says Dr Karl J. Gaertner, Chairman of the Executive Board at MEYLE AG. MEYLE accompanies and supports customers and workshops as a strong partner and anticipates solutions for the future to be able to remain one of the market leaders in the area of car steering and suspension spare parts. You can download a visualisation of the HD principle here and the #HD20YRS campaign logo here.

Contact: 1.Klenk & Hoursch AG, Frederic Barchfeld, tel.: +49 40 3020881 15, email: [email protected] 2. MEYLE AG, Benita Beissel, Tel.: +49 40 67506 7418, E-Mail: [email protected]