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Bus World Istanbul Exhibition in its ninth session titled Future Technology and Mass Transportation
Bus World Istanbul Exhibition in its ninth session titled Future Technology and Mass Transportation
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  • 09/06/2022
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In a distinguished session with record numbers and successes in terms of interest in participation or organization, the Turkish city of “Istanbul” exhibition center witnessed the organization of the ninth session of the “busworld” exhibition - Turkey, which is the exhibition specialized in the manufacture and trade of all types and categories of buses and their accessories, which came with an area of more than 20 A thousand square meters, with the participation of more than 170 brands of the most important and best international and Turkish brands, where everyone was keen to be present. The brands and countries that reached 28 countries in this session, which was titled The Horizon of the Future and the Technology of Mass Transportation, were diverse, and in the presence of elite businessmen And industry specialists and statesmen, as well as a group of the most important local and international media, in the presence of a distinguished and strong team of the Bus World Exhibition, as well as the Turkish partner HKF Exhibitions Company, which organizes the exhibition in partnership with Bus World International ... Three whole days were a great momentum of Events, seminars and workshops started from May 26-28, 2022. This session is the ninth of the exhibition’s life, which is held in the city of history, Istanbul, where it is held every two years in order to be a permanent window to display the new and the latest in technological mass transportation, spare parts and innovations, and to be also a meeting place for elite local and international manufacturers to create an atmosphere of understanding and harmony and the establishment of many Among the agreements between them under the umbrella of the exhibition, which has truly become a mainstay in the world of mass transportation in the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Strong global and local posts There is no doubt that the positives that everyone got out of this ninth session are many and important, and this is due to the enthusiastic atmosphere that accompanied this session, which comes after the Corona pandemic, which disrupted the rides of the specialized exhibitions for a period as everyone seeks to start strongly in business, establish agreements and present everything that is New in the world of mass transportation and did not affect at all the absence of some important signs in the exhibition in this session, but the large Turkish presence from the largest Turkish companies, as well as some of the leading companies in the field of transportation manufacturing in the world, gave the ninth session a different aether, smell and taste, and the manufacturers of buses and buses were not satisfied Participation only, but there was a strong presence of spare parts companies and industries feeding buses and accessories, as well as companies to modify and develop minivans for the world of tourism and business services Companies that had a strong presence and great products Everyone knows around the world that the Turkish industrial system has become one of the most important systems around the world in many different industries, including of course the manufacture of trucks, buses and semen. On the permanent development and modernization of the Turkish product, which gave self-sufficiency to the local market and participated in the world’s best system for Turkish metrobus mass transportation. These companies that have presented their new and diverse products • OTOKAR: the largest and oldest manufacturer of buses in Turkey, especially for the middle class (Midi-bus), of which the company's sales account for more than 35% of the volume of the local market other than the export markets, where the company offered a group of its latest models. The majority of which focused on the general passenger transport sector, which was led by (Kent Electra) dedicated to passenger transport uses. For the year, the worker is fully electric, in addition to presenting a model belonging to the (electric) microbus category with a length of 6 meters, with which the company hopes to compete strongly in this category. It is also one of the companies that had a wonderful role in the renaissance witnessed by the worlds of Turkish manufacturing in the field of trucks and buses, which may have farmers soon in Egypt through a close cooperation that may happen with one of the largest and most important companies in Egypt to manufacture one of the buses’ products in order to offer the Egyptian market a company • ANADOLU ISUZU: one of the leading companies backed by the global expertise of Isuzu, as well as General Motors, which over the past years has been able to confirm its superiority in the Turkish market, especially with the middle class of buses - the most popular in this market - in addition to their access to many international markets, including some Middle Eastern countries Which developed a number of models for it in particular to be able to withstand its hot environment conditions, and the company is working to expand during the next stage in African markets... The company participated in the exhibition with a distinguished group of its production, headed by its latest medium electric bus dedicated to serving public transport, as well as its bus The large public transport also (Citiport) operating with natural gas, unlike (NOVO Citi) of medium size, which serves a range of applications, whether tourist or designated for schools ... and others..and among the companies that have drawn strong attention in the exhibition this year is a company • MAPAR-MAN: It is the company that represents MAN, Tamsa and other buses in the Turkish market. It is also working on renovating the old buses to comply with the requirements of the modern market, which was able to make its mark strongly in this market as well as the nearby markets in Eastern Europe. And there is this great Turkish giant • KARSAN: The big Turkish manufacturer (Karsan), which presented its latest electric buses based on the "close" future vision for the strong growth of this sector. It introduced (Jest) in the multi-use microbus category, which we saw as the trump card for the Turkish market and many international markets. In this category of buses, especially with the opportunity for us to conduct a quick test on this bus on the sidelines of the exhibition, so In addition to its latest releases (electrified) with (e-ATA), which came in three sizes with 10, 12 and 18 articulated meters, in addition to the company's launch of its medium electric bus (8 meters long) ATAK self-driving. What distinguishes Karsan electric buses is that they came to rely on BMW electric motors that are equipped in both i3 & i8, which increased its distinction among its competitors in these categories. • Allison: a specialist in the manufacture of wheel hubs, has launched a new syste…