Chief Editor : Mohamed Aly Hassan
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Soon the start and return to work and the drop in prices... events taking place in the second half of 2023
Soon the start and return to work and the drop in prices... events taking place in the second half of 2023
  • mohamed aly hassan
  • 31/01/2023
  • 280

There may be a breakthrough soon for the car market and its workers.... A statement came from an important source through which he confirmed that the Egyptian state is moving carefully and in a deliberate manner, always in the interest of the country, and if there are some pressures or restrictions on some, this is due to the public and national interest and the pursuit of Getting out of this crisis that resulted from Corona first and the war second, which if they were not here, the country would be in prosperity, and the reform plans were able to achieve the success that was expected, and he confirmed that the recognition or inclusion of the Egyptian pound in the transactions of the Russian Central Bank provided Egypt with 7 billion dollars that were paid in wheat And some components of production and others, and this, of course, is a significant weight off the shoulders of the Egyptian government. It will be pumped into paying the outstanding debts, and therefore it will then have a good return on the availability of the dollar in the markets, including the drop in prices. Rather, this questioner, who asked not to be named, confirmed that there is actually approval From the Chinese Central Bank to deal in the Egyptian pound and the Chinese yuan in all commercial and military transactions between China and Egypt, which amount to 17 billion dollars annually, and this also transfers Egyptian planning to other regions and restores travel The process of reform has returned to its normal course, important directions that the Egyptian government seeks to get out of this crisis... We see that there will be a close and gradual breakthrough, starting from next April, which will witness a state of release for the car market and its gradual exit from the list of prohibitions that would have started the market to take a strong hold with The second half of the year, and here many people will start in one voice. What next about prices? Will they decrease or stabilize? I can confirm that the economic situation and academic studies in the economy always confirm that if the dollar is available in the banks, the movement of the wheel of importing goods and the wheel of domestic production, of course, it will be There is a decrease in prices, and it will be a significant and influential decrease. We hope from God Almighty that there will be peace and calm, and that the ship of repair will proceed to its port in peace.



I believe that the experience of Automechanika exhibitions around the world and the constant endeavor to approach the strategic and influential markets and seek from them to provide a common environment between important marketing points in one geographical point to stimulate trade and create methods of cooperation between them is only a wonderful message from the management of messe frankfurt, which was able to create these commercial communities In several regions around the world, and the year 2023 will witness a new development through new visions about the future of global transportation and the level and technology of companies involved in creating environmentally friendly electric transportation, whether inside or outside Germany, starting from the Far East to South America, and I believe that the Automechanika exhibitions that are taking place in the African continent In South Africa or in the Arabian Gulf in Dubai, it is a remarkable quantum leap for the company and it has achieved great success through product development and fruitful cooperation in research and trade between Arab-Arab, Arab-European or Arab-Asian companies. I see that the Automechanika Istanbul exhibition is one of the most important sessions that the company cooperates with. With the Turkish side in its establishment, as this exhibition achieves an important and remarkable equation of permanent and fruitful cooperation between the two countries Turkey, Central Asia, Turkey and Eastern Europe, as well as a wonderful cooperation between Turkey and North Africa, where a large number of companies and individuals are keen to visit the exhibition and learn about the scientific method and strategic development of the products presented in the exhibitions. A permanent tribute to the permanent development pursued by this respected company.