Chief Editor : Mohamed Aly Hassan
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New Republic
New Republic
  • الإداره
  • 17/08/2022
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Many friends have recorded their views on what is happening on the Egyptian market for cars and the close link between it and the Egyptian economy, which is severely affected by the global economic turmoil, which generates huge inflation that mercilessly sweeps humanity, inflation that may be more affecting humanity and more dangerous than the Corona itself. But in light of this momentum, opinions and jurisprudence from many, and despite the state of darkness that some spread, there is still a glimmer of light and hope remains and increases and spreads through arms and minds that work for Egypt only, only the minds of God’s covenants and God’s covenants pledged to build a new republic, everyone’s dream to live in Since the past tens of years, President Mubarak, may God Almighty have mercy on him, tried as many attempts to be thankful for, but the difficulties and factors of corruption, erosion, and European and American pressures prevented them from achieving them. He defied all kinds of difficulties and risks, whether economic or political, including that it was able to make it have a word, position and place different from everything that was previously on the Arab, African and European arena, and gave the major countries strong lessons on how to deal with the upcoming Egypt with strength and pride. Some are still attacking the state’s tendency to build the new administrative capital. Many accuse the government and the president of that experience, and some accuse it of being a big reason for the imbalance in the economic situation. This decision is the historic decision that contributed strongly to the transition of this country to the rank of the most modern countries in the world and the most connected to science and technology and approved the future Here I will stand a little in front of the most important projects that Egypt is witnessing recently, which makes it the most unique in North Africa, Africa and the Middle East, and the road network and the diversity of public transportation that the Egyptian government recently announced under the pretext of preparing for the green. Here is the abandonment of everything that is harmful and affecting the environment. Which in recent decades has been subjected to a state of war between human aspirations and their view of modernity through the development of industry, which in turn generated emissions that harmed the environment, which was reflected in human health and the lack of ability to produce and work due to the spread of diseases and epidemics harmful to every living creature and was the cause of climate change Which was reflected in agricultural production due to climate change and the difference of the Egyptian state took the pledge of change through strategic diversity in the means of environmentally friendly mass transportation. The formation of the Egyptian community, the lower and middle category, is the project that surrounds Greater Cairo and connects the ring road to the axis through 27 stations on the road It links it to the most important vital and populated areas in Cairo. The project is huge and the budget that was set for it varied from the establishment of central stations in the middle of the road linked to bridges and tunnels below the ring and the axis with these stations, with the manufacture of a large group of buses that run on electricity and natural gas, which is now working on by one of the largest bus manufacturing companies in the world and is a strong pyramid in the middle of its industry International Buses About MCV I am talking about the company that has provided a group of smart air-conditioned buses that provide many services to the citizen during use. My time goes back to visiting a parallel project similar to this giant project, which is the Autobus Turkey project, which links Asian Istanbul with European Istanbul with a complete system, technological linkage, a great work strategy, and the availability of a large number of buses that alternate in their presence inside the stations in a time not exceeding a minute serving 16 million Turkish citizens and is the fastest and most important way For the Turkish citizen, however, the circumstances allowed Turkey to exploit the project more economically than the Egyptian project, because the Turkish stations are linked to the presence of commercial funds next to it, but the cohesive population blocs and the situation known as slums that the Egyptian government is trying to get out of by providing housing and a suitable life for citizens prevented this commercial link to be The project is titled service and care for the Egyptian citizen because it is the most important care and service. It is the first in Africa and the Middle East and is a major leap in the world of bus transportation. Not to mention, of course, that in parallel, the government is proceeding with steady and strong steps in the projects of the monorail and the electric train and the metro in the new stages, which are now completed projects and places of work to work in them day and night. The bold decision is represented in a leader who sees the future and a government that carefully studies every step it takes forward. Long live Egypt with its men and the arms of its sons.